Jill Berry

Following a thirty-year career as a teacher and a leader at different levels, I left full-time headship in 2010 and since then I have:

  • Completed a Professional Doctorate in Education at the University of Nottingham, researching the transition to headship
  • Written a book about my research and experience: ‘Making the Leap – Moving from Deputy to Head’ (Crown House 2016)
  • Begun writing fiction, producing three short novels (published together in one volume – as an e-book and a paperback – in 2022)
  • Carried out a range of educational consultancy work, mainly leadership related, including leadership training, headteacher and senior leader appointments, appraisal/professional review and coaching.

I am a strong advocate for the power of Twitter and blogs for networking and professional development in education.  Follow me at @jillberry102