Thanks to Stephen Lockyer for suggesting these questions.

Earliest memory of reading?

I can remember the books we used when we were learning how to read in the first years of primary school – ‘Janet and John’ and ‘Dick and Dora’. I can’t remember the name of the dog but the cat was Fluff. Happy Venture Readers – I guess this dates me!

When and where do you like reading?

Pretty much anywhere. I have a handbag large enough to contain my Kindle and will read whenever I have a spare minute. When I was a head I was always short of time/just in time.  Now I sometimes arrive EARLY when I’m meeting people and have time to read for a few minutes before they arrive.  Very relaxing. My ideal reading location is on a beach/by the pool, though. Reading and working on my tan at the same time is my idea of paradise.

What sort of things do you read?

I have extremely eclectic tastes! It tends to be fiction, though, and I like to read about people and relationships. Plot is less important, for me.

Best book read in the past year?

I’d never seen A Game of Thrones as we don’t have satellite TV. I picked up the first book and thought it was just tremendous and quickly went through them all. Having withdrawal symptoms as the final book isn’t out yet…

Guilty pleasure?

I don’t think I have the guilt gene.

Online reads?

Yes. I do like ‘real books’ too but the Kindle in the handbag, and especially when we go on holiday, is just perfect for me. I read a book a day on holiday so a 10 day break meant 11 (just in case) books in the suitcase. Not great for my husband’s back. The Kindle works brilliantly here. In addition to the Kindle, I love Twitter and blogs – I’m an addict. I read lots of stuff about education.  I know David Mitchell (whose novels I love) recently released a short story in tweets. I went to hear him speak at The Crucible in Sheffield and I asked about this. A publicity stunt by his publisher, really. He asked if I thought it worked and when I said, ‘No…’ everyone in the theatre turned to stare at me…


Have never quite got that…

What do you do with finished books?

Fill up my house – we have bookcases everywhere. Another advantage of the Kindle, I have to say.

Where do you buy your books?

I used to love second hand book shops. Now it’s Amazon for Kindle books. Sorry… (Does anyone else feel the need to apologise for this?)

Finish the sentence: Reading is…


Who would you like to answer these questions?

Anyone! It’s an interesting exercise!

Image: John Berry (I’m reading by the pool on holiday in Palermo, Sicily.)

This post was first published on @staffrm in 2014

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